Forensic Sample Collection

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have a unique set of needs for human specimen collections, ranging from response time requirements to chain of custody protocols. As a leading provider of mobile phlebotomy services, we are committed to providing innovative solutions focused on positive results.

Our Forensic Sample Collection Program Features:

  • Client-centric personnel
  • Standard operating procedure protocols
    24/7/365 dispatch (jails, hospitals, DUI checkpoints, substations, accident locations, other facilities)
  • Response time requirement adherence
  • Difficult draw experience (from combative suspects to IV drug users)
  • Strict compliance to chain of custody requirements
  • Supply chain management
  • Court appearances
  • Ongoing training
  • Competitive pricing

Additional Benefits include:

  • Award-winning dispatch service (Our dispatch center has received the prized ATSI Award of Excellence consecutively for several years.)
  • Customizable solution development
  • Web-based technology tools with real-time information access
  • Benchmarking and measurement development
  • Dissemination and implementation of best practices

Our Program commitment is simple: provide a fast, accurate, and professional response to each dispatch request while striving to exceed service-level expectations.

Sectors Served

  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Laboratories
  • Prosecutors
  • Federal, State, County, Municipal Agencies